The Ohio Valley System is the "original" VR in the OVSRails family.
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Ohio Rail Route
Ohio Rail is home to two competing railroads, the Ohio River and Western Railroad, and the West Virginia and Ohio Railroad.
The route is freeware, available here. A payware upgrade is available from All Aboard Rails.
The Ohio River and Western is a coal and steel hauling railroad in southeastern Ohio. It has a 51 mile mainline, with several branches. it serves four coal mines, two lumber camps, one major steel mill, plus several other steel related industries, and dozens of smaller industries. It has several yards and shops. Long distance and commuter passenger traffic go along with the heavy grades and heavy freight trains making for a challenging run.
The West Virginia and Ohio Railroad is a railroad in southeastern Ohio. The WV&O has a 70 mile mainline, and several branches, and serves a major steel mill, refinery, two river docks, limestone quarry, paper mill, and dozens of smaller customers. The WV&O is more interested in high speed passenger and freight operations, yet still offers a wide variety of industrial switching.
A WV&O passenger train rolls through Zanesville
Ohio Rail can be configured for either modern or steam/early diesel era
Ohio Rail map
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Ohio Steel Route
Ohio Steel Route
Ohio Steel is a 75 mile route serving two steel mills, a finishing mill, aluminum recycler, limestone quarries, grain mill, and several smaller customers. The route is the perfect addition to Ohio Rail, and brings RailWork's stunning scenic capabilities and new features to the OVS.
It is available from Steam and All Aboard Rails.
Ohio Steel 2.0 The Massillon Expansion
The mainlines travel through rolling farmland of eastern Ohio
A closeup of the blast furnace
Trackside in the open hearth furnace
Ohio Steel map
Steel mill overview