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The MSTS Ohio Valley System is the original "VR" in the OVSRails family.
Ohio Rail is home to two competing railroads, the Ohio River and Western Railroad, and the West Virginia and Ohio Railroad.
The route is freeware, available here. A payware upgrade is available from All Aboard Rails.
The Ohio River and Western is a coal and steel hauling railroad in southeastern Ohio. It has a 51 mile mainline, with several branches. it serves four coal mines, two lumber camps, one major steel mill, plus several other steel related industries, and dozens of smaller industries. It has several yards and shops. Long distance and commuter passenger traffic go along with the heavy grades and heavy freight trains making for a challenging run.
The West Virginia and Ohio Railroad is a railroad in southeastern Ohio. The WV&O has a 70 mile mainline, and several branches, and serves a major steel mill, refinery, two river docks, limestone quarry, paper mill, and dozens of smaller customers. The WV&O is more interested in high speed passenger and freight operations, yet still offers a wide variety of industrial switching.
A WV&O passenger train rolls through Zanesville
Ohio Rail can be configured for either modern or steam/early diesel era

OVS Shortlines is made up of high quality "short line" routes.
Short lines are independant railroads, much smaller than the "Class One" supersystems.
and can be real (prototype) or fictional
From All Aboard
The East Metro 2 is a 25 mile long short line (plus branch lines) serving five cities and towns. The EM2's "bridge route" provides a lot of variety in train operations. It features mainline running, passenger service, logging, a large coal mine and prep plant, plus many smaller customers..
Two GP-9 locomotives pull a coal train across the wooden trestle on East Metro 2
The Canton Railroad operates 50+ miles of line serving tons of customers. Set in the early days of the diesel, the route can be "placed just about anywhere".
From V Scale Creations
The Ozark Northern is a turn-of-the-century steam powered short line. Andre's latest work, most say it's the best route for Train Simulator. We can't disagree.
A freight winds it way through Fly Gap and onto a long trestle on the Ozark Northern
The Arkansas and Ozarks is a 34  mile short line serving a variety of industries, and features an all Alco roster.
Arkansas and Ozarks #42 is being prepared for another run
The North Arkansas is a turn-of-the-century version of the A&O, featuring steam power and scenery.
From Maple Leaf Tracks
The Bridge Line follows the operations of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad in the late 1970's, through Upstate New York. With the beautiful scenery of the northern Catskill region, and some grueling grades, the D&H Bridge Line is sure to please any fan of Northeastern US railroading.
Freeware Routes
Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad was a bridge line running from Belvedere NJ to Maybrook NY and served numerous online industries. There are four active online interchanges with foreign railroads, plus the New Haven's interchange yard at Maybrook NY. The L&HR also has trackage rights on the Pennsylvania Railroads Bel-Del line and the DL&W's Sussex Branch to Port Morris NJ.
Pittsburgh and West Virginia runs west from Rook yard to Virginville WV. The time period is the mid 1970's, during the Norfolk & Western era. There are six passing sidings, seven tunnels and numerous bridges on the line. Two connecting railroads, the Penn Central at Morgan PA and the Montour Railroad at Southview PA.
The East Metro railroad is the earlier freeware version of the route. It is Rich Garber's groundbreaking historic route, and is still a favorite. No payware equipment is required for this route.


Live Better Electrically!!!
Head Motorman: Christian Schröder
All routes are for Microsoft Train Simulator, and are freeware.
The Boundy Electric Division is for traction fans, named in honor of our dear friend David "Boundy" Thomas, OVS Motorman.
Coming soon: The Thousand Islands Railway and the Brighton and Saco River Railroad!!!
The London and Port Stanley v 3.01 is an interurban route linking the namesake towns in Ontario circa 1927.

The Monson Railroad is a six mile narrow gauge (two foot gauge) in Maine serving quarries and log camps in the early 20th century. It features several unique models of steam power.

The Springfield Terminal v 2.00 route is an interurban route in New England. It features lots of scenic beauty and small town charm. Not to mention some of the most maddening grades on the system. It is available at

The British Columbia Electric Railway is an interurban route running through the mountains of a beautiful part of Canada in the 1930/40's.   Hawk & Badger's BCER website

OVSRails Staffing provides qualified crews to other railroads, filling their need for crews and providing our trainmen the opportunity for big time railroading on the major railroads.

Whether it's snaking long heavy trains through the mountains, charging down the rails with a hot intermodal, or switching a wide variety of industries, OVS Staffing takes you there.
Our crews are qualified to run on:
CSX: Allegheny v2, Conrail Indy 2, (L&N)Cumberland, Hamilton Norfolk, (Chessie)Sand Patch
Norfolk Southern: Pocahontas District, East River District, Clinch Valley District, Lehigh Valley, Newark and Jersey City
BNSF: Cajon Pass, Cajon Pass 3 Main Lines
Canadien Pacific: (Delaware & Hudson) The Bridge Line